About Bollywood

Bollywood dance is a colourful and vibrant fusion style! Bollywood - the contraction of “Hollywood” and “Bombay” - is the name given to the Hindi-language film industry: by extension, this is also the name of the choreographic style you can find in the films produced by this industry.

Love, marriage, drama and happy endings, those are the themes to be found in all Indian films.

Bollywood dance echoes those themes, with its rhythmical music and lively moves. The choreographic style is a blend of classical Indian dances (Bharatanatyam and Kathak mostly) and of more contemporary dances (salsa, modern jazz, hip hop or belly dance).

Bollywood Show Packages

We offer Bollywood dance shows performed by professional Indian artists.

There is a whole range of packages, going from a short performance by a single artist to a 1-hour show performed by as many as 15 dancers.

If you want any more information, drop us an email or give us a call so we can offer you a quote.


Triwat has an extensive experience in the organisation of hen parties.

The “Hen Party” package includes:
  • A basic teaching of Bollywood dance moves
  • The teaching of a entire Bollywood choreography
  • A souvenir photo of the bride-to-be dressed up in a sari (on demand)
  • An introduction to Indian wedding culture

Fees: 35 euros/person for a 1 ½ hour session. The price includes the service and the renting of the venue.

Groups of a minimum of 8 people only.

Tarif : 35 euros par personne qui comprennent la prestation et la location de la salle.

Once you have confirmed your booking, you will be required to send a cheque to the amount of 50% of the total price to Triwat Association.

This deposit is refundable up to a week before the date of the event.

We do not lend any costumes.


Triwat offers various Indian-themed corporate events featuring experienced artists.


  • “A la carte” Bollywood Show
  • Concert (sitar and tabla performance)
  • Traditional songs performance
  • Introduction to Bollywood dance
  • Introduction to Kathak dance (traditional dance)
  • Introduction to Indian music and singing
  • Introduction to yoga
  • Sari workshop (the sari is the traditional dress of Indian women)
  • Bindi workshop (the “bindi” is a forehead decoration meant to bring good luck or worn as a sign of welcome).
  • Mehndi workshop (“Mehndi” – henna – is an ephemeral tattoo. This body art is used as decoration for the bride and groom in Indian weddings).

If you would like to have any more information, drop us an email or give us a call.

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